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                                                                                                            " Q U E S T "

ON LINE IIT & Ramaiah oriented FREE Talent Test for 8 th, 9 th & 10 th classes


You cannot pour out of vessel, except that you have put into it - Swami Vivekananda

Knowledge that is not put into practice is like food that is not digested. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens - Jimi Hendrin

Sri Sri Academy is a pioneer organization in the field of IIT & AIEEE Foundation for 8 th, 9 th & 10 th classes for the past eight years. This institution is actively involved in aiming at sharpening the wisdom of the students and to be prominent in the present competitive environment. The idea of ‘Quest’ is to bringing out the talent of the students and to mould them as role model in their endeavouring future. ‘Quest’ is nothing but a positive preparation for successful and challenging future.   ‘Quest’ covers

  • Maths, Physics, & Chemistry of 8 th, 9 th & 10 th classes of all syllabi of all States, CBSE &ICSE
  • All important topics from the angle of IIT – JEE, AIEEE, all States Engineering Entrances etc.
  • Basic concepts, principles and applications
Aims of ‘Quest’
  • Fine tuning and gearing the students for entrance tests of Ramaiah, Bansal, IIT – JEE, NDA, IAPT etc.
  • For positive preparation and to achieve success in all competitive exams by evaluating the knowledge, skill and application of the Principles and concepts.
  • To Strengthen the student’s grasp of the concepts and apply them to practical situations
  • To meet the totally different, tricky and challenging questions of IIT & other National / State level competitions and to make them comfortable
‘Quest’ helps you
  • To in prove your analytical power and skill
  • To test your knowledge and under standing capacity of subject
  • To accelerate your learning skills as well as concentration
  • To enhance your grasping power and confidence level
  • To increase your memory power, problem solving capacity and attentiveness
  • To know ‘where you stand’ in the competitive world
It’s free and easy
  • It is absolutely FREE to participate in Quest and you need not pay anything
  • No registration fee and no test fee.
  • It is easy to participate – select the class, select the subject and choose the topic and go ahead with test.
  • You can take ‘Quest’ on any day at any time and can test your skill and knowledge in any topic of any subject of any class.
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